Jocs Coreogràfics. A social-educational project

 Jocs Coreogràfics. A social-educational project

Production year: 2015
Category: Documentaries

Young students between 10 and 11 years, from very different schools of Palma -one private and middle class and other public (Santa Magdalena Sofia in Es Forti and Gabriel Vallseca in Son Gotleu), mix their energy in three months to design a piece of supervised contemporary dance by choreographer Maria Antonia Oliver, and interpreted by the Municipal Band of Palma under the direction of Salvador Sebastià This socio-educational project culminates with their participation in a short documentary that had the premiere in June, 2015 in Cineciutat. It will be the culmination of learning to become aware of self and others and all that we can build together from the collaboration .

Watch teaser a Vimeo

Watch teaser short a Vimeo

Watch documentary

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