Els Minorcans. Hereus d’un anhel

Els Minorcans. Hereus d'un anhel

Production year: 2018
Category: Documentaries

Houses with names such as Villalonga, Llambías or Sintes. Minorcan sauces being sold in stores. Women preparing and eating “formatjades” sitting at the plaza. A statue of Padre Camps (Father Camps) in the cathedral. We are not defining a typical Minorcan or Balearic settlement: this is Saint Augustine, the oldest city of the United States, and also an icon in the fight against slavery, since this trade was also experienced by the first Minorcan settlers. A history which has been preserved in the memory of their descendants, a colony of approximately 30,000 people who proudly maintain their legacy alive. Cinètica Produccions and Somiant Productions co-production.

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