Un lloc amb història

Un lloc amb història

Production year: 2016
Category: Television

Un lloc amb història is a 50-minute documentary series, directed by Luis Ortas and Victoria Morell. It proposes a historical journey through the history of the Balearic Island explained through their possessions, houses and places that have been witness to the changes experienced by our society.

The Dezcallar, Morell, Cotoner, Villalonga, Despuig, Dameto ... among others, are the names that have shaped this story. Noble families, who are the core of our past and our heritage, are also the core of who we want to explain: the living history of the Balearics through its heritage and small and intimate family histories unknown.

This journey into the past is guided by Tomàs Vibot, philologist and writer, who lead the viewer through emblematic, beautiful in its architectural elements and landscapes buildings.

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