’Un lloc amb història’, the new project of Cinètica Productions for Ib3 Televisió

13 abril 2016

Un lloc amb història

Dezcallar, Morell, Cotoner, Vilallonga, Despuig, Dameto... between others, are the surnames that have starred in the history of the Balearic Islands. The noble families, that are the core of our past and of our heritage, are also the core of what want to explain: the alive history of the Balearic by means of his heritage and the small and intimate unknown familiar histories.

Un lloc amb història is the new project of Cinètica Produccions for IB3 Televisió that will be able to see soon. It treats of a documentary series of 50 minutes, directed by Luis Ortas and Victòria Morell, that proposes a historical route for the past Balearic explained through the possessions, houses and places that have been testimoniatge - and often have caused- the changes that has experienced our society.

This voyage to the past is guided by Tomàs Vibot, philologist and writer, who will drive to the viewer for emblematic buildings, beautiful in his architectural elements and in his landscapes.

And it is that to explain the history, it is necessary to resort the legend.

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