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Cinetica Produccions was founded in 2007 by the filmmaker Lluis Ortas. Cinetica Produccions is a transmedia comunication company based in Balearics Island. Some time later, the journalist Marisa Goñi joined to this company. Entrepreneurs and lovers of their work, Lluis Ortas and Marisa Goñi have an extensive professional experience, full of awards.

LLUIS ORTAS: Filmmaker. Director of international documentaries, like After the Mist -Documentary Madrid 2015 Award-, and Amour de Vivre, about Albert Camus’ life. Other outstanding works of his filmography are: Mauthausen, l’Holocaust espanyol; the serie for Television, Memoria i Oblit d’un guerra, about the Civil War and the Postwar period in Balears; Mar de Fang, about the life of the artist Miquel Barcelo; La pintora sense rostre, who discover the life of Pilar Montaner and El regne de Momeralia, about the history of the Palau Solleric and its inhabitants. It also directs the series Un lloc amb Historia, which emet IB3.

MARISA GOÑI: Journalist. Co-director of ​​the magacine Dues Voltes on IB3. She has directed documentaries like De Tot Cor, Jocs Coreografics and Filant Sommis. Screenwriter of Mes que un barri,, documentary who win the Solidarity Award from Consell de Mallorca. Former director in Radio and Televisió de Mallorca. Experienced as a editor in Diario de Mallorca, El Periodico de Catalunya, Ara Balears and Cuatro (Mediaset). Ortega y Gasset Award for hers CIA Flight Research and Olimpia Award for ’The Rasputin Case’.

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